April #1
April #1

April #1

Since GW (golden week), i’ve been pretty busy even on weekend and so today, i decide to not go anywhere LOL
well, actually there is the exhibition which is my favorite artist. so i will visit there. that’s it. i will just relax and chill this weekend.

i was checking my photos that i took on GW, i noticed that i shot over 2000 photos. crazy. lol yeah i know most of them i have to delete.
when i shoot, i always tune up all settings on my camera except focus, like brightness, white balance, color filter, shutter speed and etc manually. when i was on car, boat or ship, sometimes i can’t control everything so i had to shoot a lots eventually. sounds very amateur, i know! and i am! LOL
anyway, i have to work on this, so i stay home this weekend.

Thank you so much! 🙂

Have a nice weekend!

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