March #5
March #5

March #5

It’s like storm again! busy as hell on work but i’m ok because i can escape from tokyo even just a few days! i am going to visit my friend in Nagoya from tomorrow and will stay a night. my old friends, i met 2 girls when i went up to tokyo, i was 20 years old, they are high school student at the time. strange isn’t it? LOL
yeah i know you wanna know “how you met high school girls??” no wonder your question but Not like you imagined. LOL
anyway, they are my best and old friends. one of them staying in Nagoya for a few years on her husband’s work and they will leave japan soon so i’m going to visit them.
so this weekend, i am off from shooting and it’s nice be away from it sometimes.

okay, i’m leaving!

Thank you very much!

Have a nice weekend! ❤️

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