about me

about me

i guess most people are not really interested who took these pictures. lol. am i wrong?
so i believe i don’t have to write about me, in a serious way. but i don’t want people to treat my pictures like disposable. so maybe i have to write little bit something serious.

born in 1971, so imma 50. everyday people, nothing special. working for dying compnay for 12 years as system manager. since i became 40, my brain is start to working hard. it making me feel like my brain didn’t work by then. suddenly it turned on! brain works like something toyish decoration for room that works when you turn on and it keeps working ’til you turn it off. like broken record. now i am 50 and it gets harder and it’s damn annoying. lol
there’s a man in my office always talking to me about “age issue” everyday. and it making me feel like “i’m god damn old” fuck it. lol

yeah i love working out. i was really into it. i hired trainer to kick my ass, to work out harder. sometimes he yelled at me at gym to do “one more rep” so i did. then i got physical problem. my doctor said that i have to quit workout. i understood but i couldn’t stop because i was really really addicted to work out. same as others. lol
but thing happened and it was like somebody slapped my face. lol
so i quit. lol

i felt that i have to find something in my life. i don’t want to spend my life with just TV, netflix, amazon prime, eat on couch, nap on couch, fart on couch. i love to going out but it always seasonal event to me like let’s go beach in summer, or like let’s go mountain in autumn. one day i went to beach by myself with go pro hero7, i enjoyed it but when i saw the quality of picture made me feel disgusting.
so i started research. search for something is my profession. yes system management, in IT industry is that you have to be good at find something, get good answer, get good solution. so i found what i like.

sometimes some people recommed me to buy some fancy lenses but i’m sorry i’m not really interested to others. because the reason i started to taking pictures is that i met carl zeiss lens. the reason i have sony a7iii and a7iv is not that i’m big fan of sony. i’m just loving carl zeiss lenses, batis 25, 40, 85 and 135. and yes i have plastic toy lens but it’s for just fun. and for now i have sigma’s 100-400 but i don’t know if there’s a better than this, if there’s a good one i will buy it and sell this one.

so for now, i am enjoying my photography days.

oh by the way, some people try to explain me about “cazzo” yeah i know. my friend in israel gave me “kazzo” as nickname. it’s long story.

me, some ass
(may 2019)

this website is tokyokazzo’s photo blog site.

sometimes i am asked about selling my pictures but i am sorry, for now, i will not sell any pictures. but maybe in future, i might sell as photobook. (except picture has strangers/street walkers) thanks!

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