April #2
April #2

April #2

time flies! it’s june from today. every year, i am trying to NOT book too many things for the year because i don’t like being busy but my intension is always get failed. lol
i will be very busy for next 4, 5 months. but OK, it’s because everything is for myself. and it’s gonna be a big event to myself.
well, i will write about that later on. lol

so, today i really don’t know where to go. i see the sky is not clear, cloudy and bit cold this morning. plus i don’t know what i want to shoot. just heavy cloud, no rain, hmm this makes me turn off.
but still i want to go somewhere but this mood doesn’t give me “!” LOL
anyway, i just pack my backpack and just go out!
being inside is not good! right?? LOL

i go now!

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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