November #5
November #5

November #5

it’s been crazy like roller coaster these days, not just about my private life, on my work also. busy busy busy. i got a cold this week but gratefully i didn’t have much high fever this time and luckily i got a small meeting room in my office for 2months. i have to set up about 70 computers by myself so i needed a meeting room for that. that means, nobody in the room except me, so i just grab my coffee and eat some cakes while im setting up computers. Setting up 70 computers are not that hard. even one by one. i used to use image file to croning pc but since lost some employees due to business shrunk i don’t have to use the imaging so they can save extra money. instead of spending extra money, i made some batch files to help for setting up. so i eat some cakes, sip some coffee, juts some click. that’s all. this was helpful to me to be better from cold. lol i didn’t have to take a day off.

after my vacation, my friend Ben has visited tokyo on his work. he got a day off, i spent a day with him and friends. Sweet man Trey took us “Kawaguchi Lake” area. there was beautiful nature, trees, clean natural water and we had hoto noodle for lunch and then to Onsen (hot spring) and that was amazing to me. so relaxed and good. I appreciate Trey and Kem. they are very very sweet people.
on that day, extremely dried air, quite windy so the sky was so clear which is very rare. so I got some beautiful shot of Mt.Fuji.

on the next night, Ivan, me and Ben had dinner together. then after that, it’s time to say bye bye again. next afternoon, he has to get on plane to go back LA. well, i will visit his place again somehow, sometime in this year, maybe next winter vacation?

Thank you so much!

Please stay safe and have a nice weekend! 😘

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