November #4
November #4

November #4

It’s been a year since I saw him since he left Tokyo, Japan. That year was very strange for me. Because almost every weekend we spent time together, laughed, filmed and went to different places. It’s been 10 years since I met him. I left Japan in December 2022. It’s like a huge hole has been left in my daily life, but I know that I will somehow see him again. Taking a vacation is almost impossible in Japanese society.
But, very fortunately, my current company is better than most. So I asked my boss and he said OK. He’s like, “Do your own work, manage yourself,” so he arranged everything himself. (If you live in Japan, you know how difficult it is to take even a few days off!)

Anyway, I got tickets in early August for a trip to LA from December 25th to January 1st. He has to work from the 2nd, so I had to leave on the 1st. 7 days vacation to see him anyway! yay!

Although I had some concerns, I finally landed at LAX Airport on December 25th and was reunited with him.
I went through immigration and the exit, looked around, didn’t see him, and he sent me a message. He was behind me. lol

I’m so happy. Yeah, he’s my best friend, he always says stupid things, we laugh a lot, we eat together, we walk around together, we do shit together. It’s simply joy and fun. And I have a lot to learn from him. This time, I met his parents for the first time. They are very kind and fun people. They took good care of me during my stay and I am very grateful. also i learned a lot from them.

He knows that I’m not very interested in big cities. So even in LA, he didn’t take me to the city, but to natural places like beaches, oceans, mountains, lakes, hills. I am very grateful for that. I can’t write everything that I experienced, but anyway, I had a great time with him, and I am deeply grateful to him.

i will post photos i took in LA, later on. maybe a month later or so. i am going to check all photos i took like 4000 photos from now. LOL

Thank you so much!!

I hope today will be wonderful for you!

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