December #1
December #1

December #1

since I came back from vacation in LA, i didn’t have any chance to go out for shooting yet. it’s been 3 weeks and i am so stressed. LOL
you know, this blog site is that i’m posting photo which i got in previous month. so maybe i gotta skip for “January” series this time. lol
instead of it, i got so many photos during i’m staying in LA. so i hope it’s ok. lol

i got little strange feeling when i recall about LA. it’s been 20 years to visit US but like it was nothing new, feel like i am already get used to that mood…. i can’t find proper words to express how i feel.
well, maybe it’s because i was with my friend all the time? LOL
but still, hmmmm i don’t know what to say but what made me impressed is his parents. they are sweet and funny couple and if i could speak English more fluent, i wanted to talk more. lol
i hope i can meet them again. i feel that i have so much to learn from them.

Thank you so much!

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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