October #2
October #2

October #2

usually, i don’t write about what i use for shooting. but i got some same question on instagram so maybe it’s good to write about it.

I am using carl zeiss lens which called Batis and it’s series of the lenses. yes, these are prime lenses and i love them.

recently, i use lens filter more often than before.
My favorite filters are;

ND 2, white mist No.1and gradation filter. these are my favorite and very interesting effect comes up to photo.
you can find ND2 and gradation filter on internet but i am not sure about white mist No.1. it is from Japanese company called Kenko Tokina. they have some very unique filters for camera.
It is very different to compare with using software like photoshop.
anyway, if you’re interested, please try these kinds of filters.

Thank you!!

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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