October #1
October #1

October #1

Okay, today is like stormy rainy day. it is not typhoon but it’s very windy and it’s so cold!!
There is no real autumn in japan these years. it is like on calendar, yes it’s autumn but still hot and then suddenly wintery wind blows, temperature drops down.
so i feel the winter is coming! i need to get heater from my storage.
now i see the sky is gray and heavy clouds, very windy like typhoon coming.
tomorrow also it will be same weather, the forecast says. so maybe i can’t go anywhere this weekend?
i don’t know but at least today is not the day so maybe tomorrow?
i don’t know but i feel like i want to go out so i just go with my camera….
let’s see…!

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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