October #3
October #3

October #3

yesterday I took a day off because it’s once a year evet i went that is “Tokyo Art Book Fair”
it’s second time to me and the last time was that i didn’t have much time because they closed kinda early. this time i took a day off yesterday so i had more time to see around and come and go, over and over.
even weekday yesterday but there are so many people and so busy. i felt it was like a festival. i didn’t see but they had small concert, workshop, etc, etc.
anyway, i spent a lot of money and bought 10 photo books! i posted each book to stories on instagram to share what i found.
sunday is the last day of the event, i hope more people visit the event, explore and find great art book!!

oh no, i am not gonna go on sunday. i am already zipped my wallet now. lol

Thank you so much!

Have a nice weekend! 😘

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