September #3
September #3

September #3

it’s friday night here and today i didn’t go to work. lol because i wasn’t in the mood for work. i needed to make some difference from ordinary, monotonous daily life. if i don’t have to go to dentist tomorrow i could go somewhere for a night trip. lol
this morning, i mailed to my boss and said “imma sick” he replied me “boo you whore” lol it’s joke.
anyway, my boss is good man and he doesn’t say anything if i’m doing everything perfectly. so i messaged him that i’m going to take paid leave today. no reply, of course. means, OK.
and then i had seconed sleep. LOL
yeah i needed this so much! feeling so great such a lazy morning!
then gym, worked out for an hour and half. come back home for breakfast, then i deicde to go somewhere.
usually i don’t go to Shibuya. craziest town in Japan.
too many heads, too many people, too many sounds, too many neon, everything is too much in this town but i decide to go for no reason. with my camera.

it’s been how many years? or just some months? i don’t remember the last time i got here. but it’s been like forever to come to this town.
this town has magic. yes, you can be anyone, you can be someone and you can be no-one. yes!
it’s so funny because i really didn’t like this town so much. but today, i felt good at there. yeah maybe i like this place.
always noisy, too loud, too busy, too many people, too many kids, so dirty and so mess – that’s shibuya.
and i wasn’t really in the mood so i didn’t take shot much today. rather to see around in the town so i just kept walking around.
i took some shots but they are not good at all.
i just kept looking around, walk around for 4 or 5 hours. it was really fun and i don’t know how to say but i felt something in my heart.
yeah i was right to have a day off today.

Thank you so much!

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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