September #2
September #2

September #2

usually, i update my blog on saturday morning but it’s friday night now. because i have ti get up little early to do some things in the morning then leave to countryside for taking picture, so i don’t have much time.
after my work, i went to gym and worked out, now i am here, writing to update my blog.
i am little tired right now because i had work out at gym. so actually, my brain is not working…lol
i don’t know what to write.

oh yes, i love working out. i wanna go gym everyday if i clould. yes!
but i have problem on my neck. it’s kind of cervical spondylosis which is kind of heavy situation. so basically, i have to stop going to gym but i can’t help it. so i am doing very very light weight training. if my doctor sees me, he will kick my ass out from the gym. lol
i’ve been lying to myself for years and one morning i had very strong pain and got numb on my both arms. i coudn’t even hold spoon or chopstick to eat. i cried because it was really hurt. so i decide to quit gym. but no now. lol
since january this year, i am working out at gym again but it’s very very light training. so i don’t feel pain, no numb.
i am taking off for a week every 4 weeks. not bad huh? lol
i won’t push myself to make more progress anymore. just go to the gym and workout little bit then go home! so i am not macho! lol

i am excited about to visit countryside tomorrow!

Thank you! 🙂

and have a nice weekend!

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