September #1
September #1

September #1

it’s saturday here and from today it’s 3 days of off.
fortunately, japan has many holidays because people can’t spend their paid leave. sounds crazy huh lol

anyway, today is the only day with nice weather. so i gotta go out! lol

it’s really nice season now. it’s not hot like summer, not too cold yet.
i walked around little bit this morning. little windy but it felt so good.
i just focused on my body while i’m walking. i enjoyed feeling the wind coming through between my body and arm, it touched my chin, suddenly i felt the heat of sun at my head, and i felt the wind coming up like pushing me from behind. oh i love it! lol
i love to feel the nature itself.

when i’m taking picture, i sometimes, have a question like “how does it feels like if i were that flower?” or “how does it feels like i look around as that stone?”
i know, it sounds strange or maybe so stupid, but this is what i do during my shooting in my mind. lol

Thank you so much!

Have a nice weekend!! 🙂

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