July #3
July #3

July #3

time flies…
yup my summer vacation has gone. but i had great time with my friends and had great visitor.
I am not sure that i can mention his name on my blog but there’s a guy and me following each other on Instagram and he visited tokyo this time so he messages me, i met him on last sunday afternoon!
he showed me his photo book and it was soooo good! i love it.
i have language barrier so i couldn’t speak well, so it was bit hard to explain what i want to say but still i was very happy to have conversation with him. unfortunately, i had only one hour so it was very quick. this is so great thing.
maybe young generation is not really new thing or not special thing to meet someone through the internet to real life. i had many experiences of meeting people through the internet but still i feel “this is incredible.”
i am just mid aged man who loves to take photo and working out at gym. i have nothing really spcial but people contact me, meet me, talk to me, and they like my photos and i am very evry grateful.

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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