July #2
July #2

July #2

Tomorrow is the last day of my summer vacation! to be honest, i couldn’t go anywhere due to flaky weather! damn! lol

though i went out with my camera and got some shots. and those are so so… oh well. lol

if you haven’t visit tokyo, you can’t imagine how hot here in summer. yes, there are many places on earth has high heat but tokyo also crazy.
many building, skyscrapers, paved roads and these are making reflection of heat each others. so you might feel that you’re on grill or on the pan.
people say a joke like “maybe we can cook fried egg if we put it on hood of a car.”

these days i felt tokyo has less people. maybe they just stay in home because outside is too hot. or they just get on plane to visit other country. so i was comfortable when i went out and shooting. usually there’s always tons of people and i can’t take a shot.

anyway, it was good summer vacation. i met some of my friends. camera friend, it’s been a year since the last time i met him and hang out together.
my old friend who has kids, they visited my place and spent time together, chat, chat, chat. lol her kids grew up and taller than before.
and i am going to meet my friends, a lesbian couple today. i got invited for lunch last night and i’m very happy about it.
tomorrow, i will go to a concert. which is mainly gay group and this is second time. i will be fun to see their concert.

time flies. i am very missing this summer vacation. i mean, i don’t wanna work from monday. damn it! LOL

Thank you!! 🙂

Have a nice weekend!!

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