July #4
July #4

July #4

it’s been 2 months? I visited my favorite place yesterday, finally!!
every weekend, i’ve been checking forecast on Watarase Yusuichi and they say “rain, lightning from afternoon” so i had to give up.
but yesterday was little different so i decided to go!
usually, i visit that place from afternoon like 2 or 3 PM but i decided to earlier like 11AM.
it was super hot, super humid, like in steam sauna but the view was so great and i love it. bit cloudy but it was ok to me.
most of all, i really needed to go into nature! i go crazy if i’m away from nature too long! lol
yeah taking picture is very very important to me but yesterday, it was for myself.
but there were too hot. so i had to take rest very often, sit down and sip water, relax, then get up and go. i did this over and over.
at Watarase Yusuichi, it’s hard to find shades. they have trees but not like woods so once you get in the area, you have to be careful.
i brought 2 pack of instant ice thing (i don’t know what to call it in English). it contains liquid inside and powder things inside, you grab it then shake it well, then it turns to be ice. of course, ice melts, so maybe only 5 minuets last. but still, it helps a lot.
i found a bench has roof so i sat down there, drank water, had lunch then i used that ice pack thing, put it on my neck.
then i walked around again but at 3 PM, i thought, maybe i should go home. because it was just too hot and hard to me.
but i didn’t wanted to go yet. so i decided to stay little more.
then, in my mind i say, just little more, little more and eventually, it was 6:30PM, it’s dark, so i left.
cloudy but the sunset time was amazing. breath taking.
on my way home, i got 2 pack of ice. i filled water in my tub, then put them into it. i got into it to cool down my body. it was great.
yeah i had great day! lol

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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