June #1
June #1

June #1

it seems like rainy season is gone, not official announcement but it is like it.
though, still humidity is so high like when you go out side, humidity is 70% or 80% now. it is like sauna! lol

this summer is going to be a little challenge! it’s because when i started photo shooting, pandemic happened almost same time. it was October 2019 when i got first camera. and then pandemic happened early 2020.
and now serious situation has gone so people are going out for no reason. they just get out from home now!
i’m in living in Tokyo. in the pandemic, incredibly less people but now it’s full at everywhere, busy, people, car, omg this is so sick! lol
so when i go somewhere, there’s always people walking.
it’s hard to taking photo in public in Tokyo. people are so sensitive about it.
it’s funny when i take a shot with my iPhone, they never care about what i shot. but once i grab my cam, they are like “oh no, don’t”
Hello? lol

so i have to be prepair for that, mentally!
i remember i was shooting on street and didn’t meant to shot anyone but one guy came to me and said “did you shoot me?” and i said “nope” then i show my photo and there was noone but he asked me delete.
yeah, japan is like this.
if you’re tourist, they really don’t care.
oh wait, maybe i should pretend like tourist? oh yeah lol

and here is the opposite story. i was shooting at Tokyo tower. i like shooting on stairs so i went up tower by elevator then to stairs. i heared foot step so i look back, there was young girls and chatting. one of them found my cam, they started to posing on stairs. i didn’t shoot them because i wasn’t interested at all. LOL
even if i shot, i can imagine what they’re gonna say…. LOL

anyway, i gotta be careful!

Thank you so much!

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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