May #4
May #4

May #4

Good news! the forecast say that rainy season will be done around 10 days later. I really hope!! lol
last weekend i went to my favorite place called “Watarase Yusuichi”
I wasn’t thoughtful, careful enough so i got heavy sunburn. obviously i got mark of t-shirt and like two different color tone on my skin. lol
anyway, i got to be careful. lol

usually, i don’t go to that place in summer. i don’t know why but i really wanted to go. for myself. for my mental health. lol
and it was so great! i was like “Yes! I really really needed this so so so much!!” lol
there was nice wind, hearing the sounds from leaves, smell of grass, summer heat. it is summer. yes it is! here it come!

the green is so different compared to leaves in May. much deeper and much darker, that green is so strong and i felt the energy of life.
some trees i have seen many times and they lost their leaves in winter but now they have full of leaves. it is funny because this is very normal thing but, on that day, i had feeling like surprised. i didn’t notice how their life is such strong. and suddenly i felt myself like small and felt like “what da fuck am i?” then i thought maybe this is most meaningless question. lol yeah, this is so stupid.
and usually, i plug my ears to listen to music while i am shooting but on the day, i just stop it and just listened to the sounds. and it was very nice. very calm and felt my feet on the ground.
i thought, i am always at somewhere, not where i am. always listening to music or searching something on my iphone. i always not where i am. what da fuck am i doing? sigh i am so stupid. lol
it’s time to go back “now and here”
it’s time to be “where i am”
this what i felt, what i thought on last weekend.
and i got sunburn, heavly. lol
that day was extremely hot and i was so tired but in the same time it’s been awhile to feel such a satisfaction.

thank you! 🙂

Have a nice weekend!!

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