June #2
June #2

June #2

it is funny because it’s been 4 years but still don’t know where i can get some good shot.
i am very focusing about time. for example, to take sunset photo. every day i am checking weather for weekend and if i want to take strong light from sun, early time, i know when the best is.
but still keep researching where is better than before.
plus, it has to be not that far from my home, and it has to be able to daytrip.
sometimes i want to move out to somewhere countryside but maybe i get bored soon. lol
i imagine many things, i’m keep checking many things but maybe, being in tokyo is the best to me? i don’t know.

hmm, i read what i wrote just now and maybe the answer is just to keep searching. lol

Thank you! 🙂

Have a nice weekend!!

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