May #3
May #3

May #3

Life is like a seesaw! lol
yeah i had sick and the day was sunny and now i’m recovered! and so energized! but it’s raining! yay!
the forecast says it’s going to be sunny tomorrow so i hope i can go somewhere! well, their forecast fails mostly in this rainy season. so who knows! lol
in past several years, the rainy season was not rainy season. only begining of the season, little rained then after that super hot and clear sky. but this time is like going to back to the original rainy season.
so it’s going to be long i guess.

oh i have read about conversation or on letter, and it says when someone starts saying about weather, forecast, it means, he/she has nothing to talk about and sometimes it’s for closing conversation or to close the letter. i often write about weather but don’t get me wrong, i am not bored. lol it’s not because i have nothing to talk. lol
the weather condition is very important to me. very!
every single day, even on weekday and i am working, i always paying my attention to the weather. i check the forecast several times, everyday! the weather is so important to me. boring man huh? lol
here, in japan weather changes often. maybe i can originally unstable.
so forecast says “it’s going to be sunny” but i check more to know the details like how windy or not. so i can figure it out what time will it be best. when i want to take a shot of sunset, it is not just coincidence. i knew it’s gonna happen so i went to that spot to take the shot.
so nerdy but this is what i can do for now. lol
i always checking a few apps like forecast, sun and moon position app, and google map. busy. lol

anyway, i hope i can get some nice shots tomorrow!

thank you so much! 🙂

Have a nice weekend!

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