May #2
May #2

May #2

Bad week.
I got a little fever and tiredness on Wednesday evening. i felt that I’m catching cold.
Usually when i felt that it means it’s little late to take care of myself. I took meds and got in bed little earlier than usuall.
Thursday morning, I still had a fever, sneeze, running nose and headache.
So i sent message to my coworkers “I’m dead so I will take a day off”
I just eat and take meds and sleep, but these doesn’t help much. fever is still i had, headache, sneezing… oh damn.
I needed to go to work on Friday but i couldn’t. i really hate to take a off because of sick.
Saturday morning, the fever was so high when i woke up so i decided to go to doctor. yeah i should have gone earlier… fuck.
they checked covid and flu but i am negative. “so this is regular cold” doctor said and he said “if you want me to write prescription i can but if you have some medication at home, you don’t need it”
i said “i need it. because i was taking medicine but it didn’t work so i’m here today” then he said “right” then i got some medicine.
and this morning. i feel good. i have little fever but still i’m feeling fine.
but i don’t think it’s good to go out for photo shooting so i will just stay home and just be lazy…. fuck. lol

I feel i’m old when i got sick. because it takes longer to get well than when i was young.
also since pandemic happened, even little thing happens, it makes me worry about many things.
anyway, i wil be good boy today at home, maybe netflix? meh. lol

Thank you so much!

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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