April #2
April #2

April #2

yesterday, it was saturday here and i went to Odawara City which is almost 3 hours away from Tokyo. I have been to that area several times with my friend and every time when i was on train to get there, i saw beautiful river from window of the train. so i decided to go!
i checked out map, train, how to get to that river from station, this and that, etc etc.
then yesterday i was very excited and got on train, spent almost 3 hours, i paid little extra to get nice seat. actually, not that comfortable though. LOL oh well.
and then when i arrived that river, oh my god, it’s dried out. LOL
like 50% or maybe 65% water has gone already. that hot already? it’s not summer yet though.
i walked around with checking map and then decided to go down to sea. yeah! i thought it will be fun!
and when i get there, i thought, um… nice… but… hmm….
anyway, sometimes this kinda thing happen. i won’t blame myself, i won’t blame anything, anyone! LOL!!
i really wanted to get some nice shot yesterday because forecast says next 2 weeks will be rain! yep it’s rainy season is coming up!
but kinda failed yesterday. LOL

Anyway, I will go through the rainy season with my cam!! lol

Thank you so much!

Have a nice weekend!! 🙂

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