April #3
April #3

April #3

Happily I got message from ZeissLensJapan on instagram a few days ago and they repost my photo which i posted on 1st April.
I am not professioanl photographer but if someone like my photo or if i got a chance to be appreciated by professional people, i am very grateful.
sometimes i got message with my photo which on instagram, with nice poetry. this means so much to me. i could make someone moved. right? i am very happy about it.

I haven’t learned anything about camera and also i have some kinda problem like “learning disorder” so it wasn’t my way to have some books and get online to kind some technical resources.
I still remember that shock when i saw a photo which was taken by Carl Zeiss lens.
i wasn’t interested photography, totally but when i saw some photo with Zeiss lens, i just didn’t pay my attention to my budget, how much i have, how much does it cost, just made my decision to buy all i want.

there are some people recommend me to try some other camera and lenses, i appreciate that but to be honest, i am not interested.
the reason i’m taking photo is not to try out many different lenses or camera.
Sony a7iv and a7iii are my gears and these perfect match with carl Zeiss lenses.
and i am very happy with these gears.

it’s time to go out. i don’t know where to go though!
just get out and explore!

Thank you so much! 🙂

Have a nice weekend!

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