April #1
April #1

April #1

it’s long line of rain clouds starts covering japan. it’s fucking rainy season is coming!! and i really hate that!! LOL
well, thankfully, it’s not that long ass rainy season anymore it’s because global warming. oh no it’s not thankfully…. oops.
it’s getting shorter every year, but the temperature is getting super high after spring. actually it’s like summer already now.
anyway, i am ok with rainy days but rainy season is ugh, i hate that. lol
i need to see what i can do for photo shooting. this is agenda for myself at every rainy season. lol
biggest problem is… rainy day make me feel my energy is low. in another word, “LAZY” feeling i got. lol
but i am not the only one, right???

anyway, i will go somewhere now.
yeah, i just get out with my cam. lol

Thank you so much!

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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