January #1
January #1

January #1

on previous post, i wrote “winter is leaving” and yes it is true but funny thing is, always before spring coming, a lot of snow falls in Tokyo, once. and yesterday was just like that.

on thursday, my boss said that you can remote work tomorrow it’s going to be heavy snow.
i am grateful for his concern but “it’s because snow”??? LOL
in pandemic, my boss asked me to show up every day like before. because he worried so much about system problem.
only some people like executive showed up every day. but why me??
i set up tons of laptop for all workers to stay home with remote work. including mine!
i am a system manager. i can do whatever if i can use internet connection and why do i have to be in my office every day? in such a pandemic time?

i got on train every day and the train is almost nobody and even empty car and so much spaces but everybody’s doubting each other. very heavy mood.
i had double mask and tried not to get close to anyone in the station, at store, in my office.
yeah, it’s pandemic! it was hard time to everyone, it was dangerous time to everyone. including me!

but my boss said “you can stay home with your laptop tomorrow ir’s gonna be heavy snow.”


and today, snow on roof, road, street, everywhere, it’s gone.
yeah in tokyo, such little mount of snow, they say “it’s heavy snow”

TV, internet, news and forecast program, they said “it’s going to be crazy like once a decade.”
i’ll take this as fake news. LOL

Thank you!

Stay safe and have a nice weekend!!

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