December #5
December #5

December #5

winter is about to leaving!

though still cold but when i went to beach today, i felt the air and wind has changed. you know what i mean?
it was still very cold but i felt some kind of warmth in the air.
and the sky was not the same. i felt the spring is coming.
to feel the difference of the season such way is very new to me and i loved it.
i don’t know how to describe it but today, what i felt was very different compared to before. it’s because, am i getting old?? lol
it was like sun light cut into heavy clouds. just like that.

though there will be still more cold days for a month or so but it will be pushed away little by little, day by day. by the warm air from south.

yeah, i really felt the season is changing so real.
and i felt so good. because i’m always thinking about what i have to do next, work, after this, after my shooting, station and time, this and that. my brain is always working.
but suddenly my conscious spread around to feel something, not thinking.

yeah i have to stop spending time for such stupid things like over thinking, over worrying. thinking like organizing, calculating, planning is basically, it’s from anxiety. i believe everyone has the same experience. lol

let’s focus on where we are and feel the moment of now.

Thank you so much for your visiting!

Have a nice weekend!

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