November #2
November #2

November #2

the winter vacation is coming up and i always go somewhere but this time i was just cannot decide where to go. when i suggested myself the location, my mind says “ummm”.
then the time is coming up, my friend left tokyo, it’s december now, this and that.
i decided, just don’t decide anything and just let it happen.
then slowly it’s coming up my mind, what i want to do.

first, i wanna to fasting for 3 days. some people might say that’s long or maybe it’s too short. oh yeah i know those theory, but i just want to do what i want to do. i don’t need any professional advice. fuck it. lol
second, i will go into isolation tank in second day of fasting.
these all i need for now.

yesterday, i realized something started to changing in me. i don’t know how to describe but i know i am changing. it might take sometime, or maybe i just feel that way but nothing’s gonna happens. who knows. lol
i just let it happen whatever comes up.

being in tokyo, busy town, too many shits going on, working for company, life like this, sometimes i feel that i’m missing something.
no need to do something special, just step away from routines, just step away from internet, TV, smartphone, SNS, this and that. just make a space and time just for myself.


Have a nice weekend!

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