November #1
November #1

November #1

Today (3rd, dec) is the last day of my best friend leaves japan.
i am writing this now at home after the airport. i really cried a lot just now.
it’s been 8 years? since i met him. and we became a really good friend.
he is american guy and i know most foreigners leave japan eventually.
it’s because the system of this country is not friendly to foreigners.
Japan is very difficult country to live to all foreigners. for the first of a couple of years, yeah, it’s fun but as long as you live here, you will see something you don’t wanna see, something it’s hard to believe.
so you are reading this and if you’re japanese or foreigner in japan, please look around and find old foreigner people. of course, you can’t. maybe only one or two.
i knew he has some reasons and purpose so i knew he’s going to leave in future but today i understand it was more than that.
i knew he’s gonna leave from before but even yesterday i didn’t realize it’s real. even this afternoon, he and his other friends and me had lunch together, but still i felt like i can meet him tomorrow again.
but when we hugged each other at the airport, finally i realized he’s about leaving.
it’s way sadder than i thought.

yes it’s not like end up relationship. i know, it’s not like that.
but can’t hang out together like before it’s pretty sad and lonely.
i hope i can meet him soon again. and i will!

I would like to thank to my friend, Ben.
Thank you for everything. you inspired me a lot, you taught me a lot. you made me laugh so hard til i get cry, you cooked for me, you took me many different places. you were very patient when i’m singing at karaoke. you gave me a lot! thank you!
you are my best friend and i love you, and let’s hang out again! soon!

Thank you as always!

and have a nice weekend!

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