November #3
November #3

November #3

it’s been, almost 3 years? since the last time i met Chihiro (it’s a guy, artist)
I saw his “Stories” on instagram a few days ago and he mentioned that he’s going to show up at shop called “Atelier Suguri-Hat” in Tokyo, only this weekend. so i decided to visit him.
but before they open the shop, there is another place i wanted to go which called “Fugensha” (publishing company).
it is funny story. i saw a fryer at photo gallery in Ginza which about Chinese photographer “Wang Lu” and it was very interesting to me.
and i find her at art book fair in october.
she was with young Chinese man who he also photographer and i would buy her photobook but i totally forgot to buy it and i bought his photobook. lol
when i got home, i was like DAMN!
and the next day i am already booked and that event will be closed earlier so i gave up.

then i found her photobook online so i could order it but also i find the photo book shop in Meguro so i decided to go.
so today, i got her photobook, finally! i will have look after i write this blog tonight.

and after visiting Fugensha (publishing company / photobook store), i got a taxi to visit Suguri but i told wrong address to taxi driver! lol
when i get off the taxi, i was like “where the heck am i??” lol
then i checked address on instagram over and over but i didn’t see the difference for a while then i noticed i was wrong totally!
then i get another taxi again. then i got off taxi at correct destination.
i found another stupid of myself that was wrong door when i was about to knock the door. yeah it’s wrong room!
and i spoked to a man with his kid and he told me it’s next aisle.
finally, i met chihiro! he is wonderful artist and gym geek!

there are many artistic items in the room with lovely cat.
i was so happy and had great time.
i hope i can see him in next month. (my book is full in this month)

it was long long journey to get Miss Wang Lu’s photobook and meet Chihiro today.

Miss Wang Lu’s Official Web site: — (

“Frozen are the Winds of Time in Eng

“Frozen are the Winds of Time” in Jpn

Mr. Chihiro Kato’s Official Web Site: 加藤千尋 – 美術 – chihirokato – art – 日本

His Instagram: 加藤千尋 Chihiro KATO(@chihirokato_works) • Instagram写真と動画

Suguri Online Store: Sugri Official Online Store (

Thank you!

Stay safe and have nice weekend!

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