October #4
October #4

October #4

it is almost december. 2022 will be done soon.
i have 10 days of winter vacation every year and i go for couple of days for trip twice but this time i decide to stay home.
actually, i just decide not to make decision what i do, where do i go.
every holiday season, every summer vacation, every golden week, i always decide where to go and what to do, and now i am very tired of it.
every day off, let’s go this place, that place, and i am tired now. lol
it’s fun but i realized that i didn’t have my own time.
i need to shut out from everything this time. lol

you know we are all connecting with someone, and something all the time.
in person or thru messenger like email or LINE and with SNS like LINE, twitter, Instagram, dating app. lol
it is so fucking tiring lol

sometimes i feel like i wanna go back the days of home phone and letter. lol
we all had more time and people were more relaxed in that era. lol

anyway, i might need to skip this blog for on my winter vacation, maybe.

Thank you, guys!

Please stay healthy and have good weekend!

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