June #2
June #2

June #2

This summer is totally crazy in Japan.
usually the rainy season takes a month or maybe little more and everyday rain, rain, rain.
this time was only 2 or 3 weeks or so little rained. that’s it!
usually rainy season passed by mid of july but this time was 27th of june.
and the temperature is very high, incredibly hot.
well, it’s our fault, you know.

i had paid leave on a few days ago. i decide to go somewhere and as usual i was checking map then i found a zoo in Yokohama which i haven’t been to. so, yeah, let’s go! lol

one hour and half from my home to get to the zoo.
and i was blown away! it’s huge and so beautiful!!
it was weekday so there was very less people. i saw bunch of kids from school and they are very excited to see zebra, cheetah and yes i was excited too! lol
but unfortunately that day was very high temperature like almost 37 degree. so most animals were hid in shade and laid down like dead.
poor white bear and penguin. i feel very sorry for them.

so! i went to zoo on weekday! means, it’s really good chance to shoot animals with less people but as you can imagine, most animals are hid in shade which is away from our side so i couldn’t shoot much.
though i really enjoyed that time with walking around in that huge zoo.
i’m sure i will be back when in autumn!

Thank you!

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