June #1
June #1

June #1

summer is here! yet in rainsy season though but the sun is different. the light is different. and i love it so much!
summer in japan is kinda hell. there’s always too humid and always cloudy. and mosquito is evil.
if you think mosquito is like nothing, come to japan! lol they make you crazy! LOL

i still have some to do after my moving out, i need to go and buy new fridge and buy a new couch but i need to get out! i really need to go somewhere. so i just forget my task for awhile, i just go.

i need to take some time to see map also.
because most places i have been to many times. it’s kinda taugh to find a place for day trip. because if i were working on only for shooting and making my life, means i have enough time to go but i am just a guy working for small company, for shitty pay. LOL
but anyway, i need to have more time.

Thank you!

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