June #3
June #3

June #3

i usually update my blog on every saturday but unfortunately i have to go to work both saturday and sunday this time. so it is 10PM friday night here and i am writing this.

since i went to zoo last week, i have very heavy feeling about animals in zoo.
they captured by human and then moved to here. obviously their eyes are dead. no lights, no hope and of course they are not happy at all.
yes i do understand some dying spiecies needs to be protected but still why can’t stop illegal hunt?

i had conversation after i visited zoo, with a lady in office about animals, eco, zoo, etc and i felt all we doing just nothing just bad thing to earth and other spiecies. and i felt so disgusted.
i don’t know what i can do but maybe i just stop going to zoo.

anyway, i gotta work this weekend but please everyone, have a nice weekend.

Thank you!

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