December #2
December #2

December #2

i ran through 4 different trip in 3 weeks. this is crazy to me but fun. i feel like myself that i’ve done triathlon. lol
great thing is the place i went is that i don’t get jet lag. lol
all place i went to were in this country, japan.

i remeber someone said “wherever you go in this country, it’s japan” he or she would say whever you go, japan is same sight and same culture and nothing new and nothing really special.
i guess maybe he or she didn’t see well what’ve seen. yep it’s same country, to me, there are more to see.

this weekend, i went to Izuoshima. i visited that island in july 2021. it’s been 6 month to visit the island. i really really wanted to see Ura sabaku in winter. i made my little dream come true. lol
actually covid issue is going on, also it’s hard to get hotel room for single person, etc. so it’s little stressful but i did.

it paid me off. incredible view. it was just beautiful and have no words how to describe it.

i didn’t check the weather news often so i didn’t know that they had such a lot of snow in the island. when i went there on the mountain side had snow. like when i went to tottori. Ura Sabaku is lava rock mountain. it’s a mountain made of totally black rocks but there were snow on it. it was just wonderful and beautiful.

I decided to visit the island again. this year. it’s promise to myself.

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