December #3
December #3

December #3

as on my previous post, i’ve been to 4 different places in 3 weeks. it was great but i thought that i have to aware. because it makes me think that if i want to take good pictures, i have to find and go somewhere i haven’t been to. this is totally wrong. if you love sightseeing photo shooting, that is correct but that’s not to me.
i am looking for the moment i can improve, i am wanting creative time. so it doesn’t have to be somewhere else but here.

if i really want to be creative, love to struggle for having different perspective, i have to start from here, where i am.
and the imagination from myself tells me what i need to do and as the result is that i’d better go somewhere, so i just go to the place where i want to.

i was taking picture with visiting places, but now i am trying to take picture which i want to. i mean, trying to take picture as i imagined.
this is big challenge but it helps me to be more imaginative.

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