December #1
December #1

December #1

Happy new year!

it’s been so crazy these days. since 24th, I visited to 3 different locations.
from 24th, stayed for 2 nights in Aizuwakamatsu with my friend, then from 28th for 1 night in Tottori by myself. 31st, stayed a night in Hakone with my friend. and i am scheduled for nextweekend for Izuoshima to stay a night.
if this happens to my everyday life, it’s gonna be hard but i am sure i love it. lol

i didn’t have much time to go in early december so i don’t have much pictures to share but at tottori, i took a lot of photo in tottori.
i was so lucky at the time because they got tons of snow and it was once a decade of heavy snow. i visited sand dunes both days. first day was completely white and so damn cold but the next day, all snow are gone. a taxi driver told me between sand has air and it gets warm easily from sunshine. so snow melts easily and it sink into sand.
i stayed just a night, visited 2 days but i saw 2 different view of sand dunes. it was incredibly beautiful.
i hope i can visit again!

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