November #2
November #2

November #2

it’s been crazy weather, temperature this winter.
for example, on the daytime was so chilly, cold and i felt so sick of it but at the night temperature went up high. late at night! what’s going on?
and this morning, rained and cold and forecast said it will be rain and cold today but now i can see beautiful sky and sun. and it’s very warm like i’m ok with just T-shirt.
i don’t like cold so i welcome that temp goes high but actually it is not good condition of this planet huh?
i am just sitting here and saying about weather, temperature, blah blah and these for my photo shooting but i know it is part of global warming. i am trying to do things i can but i know it’s like nothing helpful. (like, using my own eco bag, eco-friendly products, eco-friendly detergents…..etc) yeah better than do nothing though…
since i began taking pictures, day by day, i can see trees, flowers, environments are just getting worse. mostly when i go into nature, it’s really easy to see what’s going on.
oh well. bad things happen. and i know it’s our fault even if it looks like it comes up by itself. when it happens, it just happens. it is what it is.

Thank you so much!

Have a nice weekend 😘

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