November #1
November #1

November #1

OOPS! I did it again!!
yeah it’s strained back. LOL
Last sunday morning, when I was at gym, when i’m taking interval during deadlift, i was standing and then when i bend myself and reached my arms to grab the bar, i felt something strange at my back.
so i stopped starting deadlift. and then i felt little pain at my back and the same time, i felt that i cannot hold my body.
then i thought “damn, i did it again….F”

next morning, at 7:30, i woke up and i sent message to my boss and others to tell what happened and i need to take a day off to visit my doctor. it’s sports doctor and I’ve been visit his office every time when i got injury, like almost 10 years. the last time was 2019 winter.
he’s really nice man and very kind, very professional. not just sport doctor, he is also respiratory physician. when i got pneumonia, actually he saved my life.

and when i met him at his office, something different. he asked me some question but like it’s first time he met me.
OMG…. He forgot me! He totally forgot me!! LOL WTF!! LOL

anyway, he is good. i trust him so i am ok. yea little sad but it’s ok. LOL
he gave me prescription then i got some meds and it helped me a lot!!
today is Saturday, it’s been a week. i can walk and run. still feel little pain at my back but OK.
so tomorrow morning, i go gym again….. LOL

Thank you so muh!!

Have a nice weekend 😘

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