March #1
March #1

March #1

it’s been like a storm to me such busy days since march to this week. it’s too damn busy! finally this week, i finished many things to get done!! well, actually another shit is coming up for next week and that one’s gonna take 2 months to finish. i’m so tired!
originally, i expected this year won’t be such busy but very beginning of march, they changed the plan. so i am dead today.
plus, most every weekend is raining.
i guess it’s someone’s conspiracy! LOL

photo shooting is the biggest mental help for my busy days.
yesterday i spent 2 hours to visit a park with beautiful flowers and the forcast said it’s gonna be sunny from afternoon! yay! so I really expected to have nice day with nice photo shooting!
but I got rained! so dark and heavy clouds never moved away from above my head! WTF! LOL

oh yes! this is japanese typical spring weather. yes!
i hope i can have nice weather on next weekend!!

Thank you!! 🙂

Have a nice weekend!

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