February #5
February #5

February #5

happy news!!
I got contact from zeisslensjapan and asked me to ok if they share my posts on Instagram.
they shared my post last year and i am super happy about it. and this time, two posts! they want to share my posts!
OH MY GOD!! and i am so so so so happy about it! they shared one of two already.
click below to check out their account!!


at the time i didn’t know anything about camera, lens and photo so i spent time to research about it, checked many photos which taken by different camera and lenses. then when i saw a few photos on the internet, i thought “this is what i want!!” instantly i decided to buy.
yes, that was carl zeiss lens, batis series. to me pick up which model of camera wasn’t that hard to decide. so i bought a7iii and now i have a7iv also.
spent 2 years, i bought all of batis series. and i super happy about it.
most people buy lenses and sell lenses over and over. but i don’t have to do that. because i know what i have!! lol

if you want to try photo shooting, think about zeiss lens. yes, it’s little expensive but it’s worth it and i’m sure you will be addicted. lol

Thank you so much!!

Have a nice weekend!! 🙂

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