December #3
December #3

December #3

it’s Friday! yay!
I took day off today because i didn’t want to go to work. lol
yeah, sometimes we need a break, right?

though i would go somewhere, i woke late and doing my laundry now so maybe from afternoon. lol
it’s not bad to be lazy, slow down everything to see around, feel something different.
like everyone else is walking fast for something in street but i don’t have to rush for anything, people’s face, their steps, ignored beautiful sky, cold air, etc. and feel the time is passing slowly.

in real life my brain is so busy for nothing. thinking about my work, task, this and that. trying to find solution but sometimes i can’t focus enough for that. lol
it’s like trying to capture the car passing so fast and it just make me so tired but i can’t stop it.
so today i just go somewhere, maybe shinjuku or maybe yokohama i don’t know. i just grab my camera and go when my laundry machine done. lol

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend!

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