December #2
December #2

December #2

Working for a company, sometimes I feel that don’t have much time.
I guess you can understand if you are taking nature photos.
if you willing to shoot cherry blossoms, maybe it’s only 10days or 2 weeks of chances you can shoot.
deduct working days, you have only 3 or maybe 4 days for it.
but if you are working like Monday thru Friday, only a weekend you can go somewhere for Sakura. only one weekend but it may be almost gone, it maybe before bloom.
even my photos are mostly brown or gray toned photo like dead trees, i have to focus on it.
so, I feel that I don’t have enough time.
also, a day passes soooooo fast, sooooo quickly. time flies.
mostly in winter. sun disappears so quickly. lol
or maybe I’m just too slow or dump lol
but unfortunately, working hour is damn long. lol
I always try not to look at my watch because it just makes me feel time is damn long.
sip coffee, eat some cookies, with shitty feeling like “damn again!”
I have to fight with desire of sweets but I’m always loser. so easily! lol
I feel myself like a student with daydream of what I can do on weekend.

Thank you so much!

Stay warm and have a nice weekend!

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