September #4
September #4

September #4

Season is changing now.
The time to changing color from green to red or brown.
and i love it! no more rainy days! lol

though it’s sad this time because my friend is going to leave from japan.
since i was 30s, i met some people and had some friendship and relationship but none of them last long. (it’s long story lol)
but when i passed 40, i met this guy and became a really good friend.

it’s kind of hard to have good long-term friend after 40s, i think.
most people around, maybe late 30s are married and have some kids, work, family, they are pretty busy.
also, some transferred to different location in japan or outside of japan.
so, it’s not that i’m dislike them it’s just hard to keep meeting them like before.
though it’s feels like losing friends.

well, but i think i was lucky to see this guy. he’s funny guy and very hard-working man, never stop studying, always making progress in his life. i really respect him and always impressed by him.

He also takes photo! i mentioned this on “September #1”

YouTube Channel : Bengraphy

Instagram : lo-fi Ben Photgraphy

Instagram : lofi benstagram

blog : LOFI BEN

anyway, just one month left, i will enjoy having good time with my friend, Ben, as much as i can.

Thank you for checking out.

be safe and have a nice day!

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