September #1
September #1

September #1

it seems typhoon season has gone away with summer.
sometimes 3 typhoons strike japan and it’s suffer to, mostly western japan.
and now i feel autumn is coming.
in the morning and evening are much cooler, feel the silence.
in summer, even at night, it’s very noisy. it’s because people are very active even late at night. but what most make noise is cicada. lol
but now it’s quite and nice.

autumn! when the weather is nice, clouds and the blue sky, oh it’s so beautiful and i love it!
in the summer, there’s always unclear space it’s because of humidity so it’s not clear sky even there’s no clouds but wind and air from north makes low humidity so from autumn through winter, sky are so clear.

i am going to visit a very small island with my friend, Ben tomorrow.
He also takes photo. and loves travel around the world.
it’s been, maybe 2 or 3 years? since we visited the island together. so i am very looking forward to it.

YouTube Channel : Bengraphy

Instagram : lo-fi Ben Photgraphy

Instagram : lofi benstagram

blog : LOFI BEN

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend!

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