April #4
April #4

April #4

i have mentioned about Golden week on my blog “April #1” that is from late April to early May called Golden Week, which consists of 10 consecutive days of national holidays, weekends, and holidays.
during that golden week, most days i stayed my home to organize and packing my stuff for moving out, so i thought that i can go out on weekend after the golden week but it seems like it will be rain most every weekend.
it just made me sigh… lol

but i don’t wanna waste my time so i will figure out what to do, where to go.

i am not professional photographer and i think i am still beginner so i still don’t know how to deal with greyish gloomy weather.
i googled a couple days ago about it and i found some tips but to be honest nothing helpful to me.

no shape, just light grey sky is the japanese early summer and autumn and it looks so boring. to take portrait, yes maybe it is good because you don’t have to worry about big dark shadow on model’s face. but to shoot the landscape or buiding or something including sky are so ugly and boring. lol
so i need to find what i can do…

Thank you!

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