April #3
April #3

April #3

There was a memorable day for me this week.
CarlZeissJapan on Instagram shared my photo.

Click here to see the photo. (instagram account required)

I was not interested in photography at all, but after seeing photos taken with Carl Zeiss lenses, I quickly became interested in cameras and photography.
I was contacted by Carl Zeiss Japan and what they shared this week made me happier than winning any award.

I would like to continue to do my best so that I can take pictures that make the most of the power of the lens.
This lens is so different from other lenses that even an amateur like me can tell! Even as an amateur, I can tell that it is different from other lenses.
It is a bit expensive, but a Zeiss lens will last a lifetime.

By the way, since last week’s update, I have added a “Like” button to each photo.
This is a lot of work, and I feel like I have more work to do to update the blog, but I’ll do my best.

Oh it’s not connecting to FB or any other SNS. just for my own research. thanks!

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