March #3
March #3

March #3

Oh time flies! i am still on “golden week” and it’s not over yet but my trip has done yesterday. it was very satisfying, fun and really good time.
last week, i visited a park in Hokkaido and it was very first time to visit Hokkaido. it wasn’t cold , rather that it was very hot like early summer.
I walked in woods, by the lake, and it was soooo goood!

anyway, it was good time too. and then i visited a huge brdige in Hyogo called “Akashi Ohashi” on thursday this week. it was really fun! beautiful sights and wind made me so relaxed. and i stayed a night in Osaka, I didn’t have any plan for rest of the trip so i just visited a few places randomly and it was very fun to me. i usually make plan to where to go on trip but this time i didn’t. and it was so fun to me. Osaka is not that big area, even if you lost in somewhere, just get a taxi. it doesn’t cost much money because it’s short distance. lol

4 years ago, i have visited Osaka and i lost in somewhere in local town. and i noticed that the time of shinkansen is coming. so i got a taxi and i told him about the time of shinkansen. though still have an hour from the place i got on but he realized that i nee have some time at the station. he is very kind. taxi drivers in Osaka, they are very aggressive sometimes. LOL
He opened window and yelled at car like “Get out my way!” or “what da fuck what you doing!” LOL! it was hilarious! anyway, he took me to Shin Osaka station safely and perfect timing and it was just 3,000 yen. so cheap! LOL

Anyway, i love tripping. not just for shooting, for my brain. lol
my brain needs to be relaxed. you know, we are always thinking, thinking and thinking about this and that in daily life. which is not that bad but sometimes it has to be stopped. lol
i feel it like thick cloud swiped away right now. and i feel great.

Thank you so much!

Have a nice weekend! 😘

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