February #2
February #2

February #2

its end of fiscal year! yay! I am god damn busy more than usual and it’s insane! it’s so mess! and i am so pissed off!! LOL
oh well there’s always storm but yeah it passes away eventually.

so usually, i update my blog every Saturday morning but i had to go to work yesterday so i am working on this now.

i was checking folder on my computer which contains photo i took in february and i thought all of them are bit dark. i mean, the mood is.
yeah any kind of art, including photo it’s my reflection. so was i dark at the moment…? LOL

i think, even photograph, all kinds of art are the reflection of creator’s mind. and interestingly, interpretation of art, including photo is reflection of viewer’s mind. this means, we are looking at different thing in one picture. this is very interesting to me. and this is very “this world” to me. difference of interpretation is making this world chaos and none of them are right, all of them are correct. LOL

Thank you!!

Have a nice weekend! 😘

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