January #2
January #2

January #2

on thursday night, i got a message from zeisslensesjapan and they want to share one of my photos on their instagram. oh my god!
this is going to be 3rd time to be shared my photo on their instagram and i am truely hambled and happy to know they like my photo.
i haven’t learn any about camera at school or even learn anything about art but some people feel something from my photo and it just giving me confident and helps me to feel that i am ok.
also i am grateful all of my followers on instagram. i get message from followers most everyday about technique, lenses, camera and etc and i am very happy to answer those questions and if i could be helpful, and if i could help them to open the door to go their next level.
oh yessss, i have to kick my ass to be better and better too!
i am struggling for pollen allergy now and very hesitate to go outside but i will. LOL

Thank you so much!

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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