December #4
December #4

December #4

maybe i am the only one or maybe not? i don’t know but i feel kinda strangeness since after pandemic. like body clock. sense of the time, sense of a day passing, keeping remind something is kinda hard, easily to forgot, hard to recall memory, etc, etc.

some people say it’s because it’s after effect of covid, some others say it’s because we’re experienced very extremely strange daily life for 3 years, 4 years, so our body, mental are kinda get used to that weird daily life and just taking long. i don’t know which is correct and which is best answer. or maybe just none of them.
i don’t know how to describe, i feel that all of my sense got covered by something. it is not totall shutting down, it’s like wearing condom. LOL
i feel it, but not all! LOL (so sorry for stupidity)

well, that how i feel. how about you? do you feel completely same as before the pandemic? not about social situation, it’s about yourself.
oh yeah, some people say something very extreme things like conspiracy. that’s ok to me. i read many articles about pandemic. we can choose whatever we want to believe in. so that’s just fine with me. i just want to peal this something on me. condom? LOL

or maybe i am just mentally crazy? yeah maybe lol
i just feel something strange, something is not right. maybe i just need to get used to it? i have no idea.
some people might say “oh, it’s red pill and blue pill situation” oh yeah so i can be super flexible like Neo? hahaha!

the truth is, i caught a cold AGAIN last night.
since i got home from gym last night, i didn’t take shower and just be lazy, sitting on dining chair, keep swiping my iPhone for about an hour. yeah i was stupid. lol

it’s nice weather but i will stay home today, take medicine (not red or blue) and sleep!

Me and my friend Ben (Bolsa Chica beach. 26th, Dec, 2023)

Okay! Thank you so much!

Please take care and have nice weekend! 🙂

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